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aa. ?s. so Chap.3o. Expofsticn open the Book of J o B. Vert. driven out of their own land, or from their home, by the execu. tion ofa jolt feritence upon them, either by man or God him- felfe. Thus the word in the Text is ufed ( exod. 34, r r. ) to ex. preffe Gods dealing with the Heathen Nations, in whole roome he planted his own people I rael : They did not goe out, till they were thrull or drivenour, And he /aid, Behold Idrive out before thee the Amerite, and the Canaani e, and the Hittite, and the Pt. rinite, and the Hivite, and the ?ebufite. The Lord in his own counfel made an aft of banifhment, or fent a writ ofEje&ion a- gainft all thofe Nations, He drove them out. The title of the 34`' Plaline is, ATfalme ofDavid, when he changed his behavi- our before Abimileck, who drove him away, and bedeparted, fo we tranfhte ; as if Abimilec¿ or Acbifh had expelled him the Court: others render it as a friendly regneft, to withdraw becaufe his. Court Lords either envied or lufpeëfed him, which Achifh pro- fefïed he did not, and therefore treated him fairely (r Sam. 29. . 7.) wherefore now retorne andgee in peace, that thou difpleafe not the Lords ofthe Phil f ines ; yet the word in the Pfalme com- monly fignìfieth to thruft out by force. Call out this bond wo- man, andher fon, laidSarah to Abraham (Gen. 21. r o.) When 1,78 Efeb,ao God.had examined convi&ed and fentenced Adam and after °lj°¡ aliar ', 5 aeoreum eft all had gracioufly given him a promife of helpe by Chrift, yet corpttO dorfutn he would not troll him any longer in Paradife, but drove eut the out to gum. man, and heplaced at the Eaff oftheGarden ofEden, Cherubims, tetc. Cea , It was loch an expulfion or banifhment ofwhich corpora' Rah. Cain complained ( Gen. 4. 14.)Bebald thou ball driven me out Sol ]^ìp JiZ this day from theface ofthe earth. By all we fee that when lob e med:o faith, They were driven forthfrom amongmen ; his meaning is, civitatit. they were banifhed, or ignominioufly thruft""out. As theywere Got: E corpore ex- afhamed to abide inCities orTownes, becaufeof their wicked= peliebantxr ; neffe, fo thecry and clamor ofthe people , or the force of Law, pata crwitatia, with the power and Authority of the Magiltrate, drove them: ,ivefttarts, forth from The Hebrew is, They were drivenforth n ìeg °su'a:' from the middefi ; we fa from among men, or from the Body, 4g4pluV: y, jun. that is, (as I conceive) from Townes and Cities, where the bo- dyes ofmen, or men in bodies, that is,in civili Corporationsand Societies, doe inhabit and refide, or they wereas perlons excom- municate from the body ofrile Church. Thus a learned tranfla- tee, renders the Text , Tkey were driven out of thebody ; What body ?