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Chap: 3o. 4n Expofition upon the Book! of Jo B. Vert 6. But duff may be confidered two wayes : Firfts there is natu rail, fecondly, artificiali duff ; the belt houles which are made, are artificiali dull, they are duff concocted by fire,and formed up into a beautifoll fabrick : But the caves or holes where theft li- ved, were only naturals duff, Tbeir abode was in or under the earth. In heles or cats of the earth, and in the rocks. 57 The word here ufed for a rock, is properly a Syriack word, tira syriacdi and beares the fame fignificarion as 'Peter inGreeke ; That fame "am gr,¢am voca- Apoftle bangcalled both ('erbas and 'Peter. Chrift co butum . itlem bis name, iairh ( Math. ? 6. 18 ) Tbiuart `Peter, and upon chia quoÁ pet+ue rockwill Ibueldmy r.burch. This being fpoken as a further ag. qui rjryCephas gravationof their miferabie condition. dülur. Draf: Note ; a,(n ill habitation, or the want ofa good one, to a great af- fliilion. To have no other houfe then the cilles of the valleys, or a rock, is anuncomfortable dwelling : and therefore Jefus Chrift, who was to fuller all thofe evills which are common to man in this life, fpake much of his ¡Offering in reference to his houfing or lodging. When be came into the world,his houfe was an Inne, and his chamber the worft part of the Inne, a fiable among the !naffs, and his Cradle was a manger. there he was layd as Toone as he was borne, and wrapt in his fwadling cloathes. Thus un- gloricufly was Chrift the Lord of Glory entertained at his firft fiep upon the Rage ofthis world : He bad no ftately Palace pre- pared for him, but an Inne, a ¡table, and a manger. Nor was he better provided afterward (Math. 8. zo. ) The[set have boles, and the birds of the aire have nmfis , but the fen of mar bathnot where to lay his bead. (hrift had no certaine dwelling place, while he was purchaling a houle forus not made with hands, but eternal! in the heavens. god( as the Apof le 1peakes) fJáïs 17. 26.) bath made ofone blood, allnations ofmen fir to dwell no all 1 the