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Chap.3m, An Expofttion upon the Book of J o a. Verf.7, the faceoftheearth,and bath determinedthe timesbefore app:inted, and the bounds of their habitation. Let them fee the goodnefle of God, the bounds ofwhole habitation aredetermined in 'ties, in goodly Manfions and Pallacec, not in the eliftsof the valleys, nor in cavesof the earth, and in rocks, where wild beafts inhabit. Secondly Wheredid thele men who were driven out from among men, find flicker ? even in the cliffsof the valleys, &c. Hence note; t.Men f Barbarous and beaftly fpirirs,'hallbe driven into bar- barous places, and live among beafir. I g-ant many men of Angelical( (pints have been driven to Eve amongbeaNh, to dwell in the valleys,and holes ofthe earth ; No man krooweth l ve or hatredby all that is before him : but this is a J:;dgement which God often posvreth upon the wicked; their habitation is poore and meane , c ey dwell in the cliffs of thevalleys, and in the holes of the earth ; and though this be e- nough to mske themmi'irable w this life , who know not the happinec ofa better life ; yet yob bath fomewhat more to fay, of there mens milery. Vert 7. Among the buses they brayed under the nettles they weregathered together. rir. generak . Ti'eword rendredbathes, Ggnifies generally any kind of trees eft at arbores or plants, yet here the fence carries it more reftrainedly to Û froticü atq' themes, fcratching fhrubs or bufhes; Among thee adeo ad amnia virgultaWomen. They brayed. tsri afl'mum TheAffeamong beafts is properly faid to bray. Dotb :he wild vacu proprtwm Aft bray when be bath gra4e ? faith lob ( Chap 6 5.) Thefe DI of: beaftly men are elegantly laid to bray, or make a harfh horrid noyfe like wild Affes. As wicked men in great power, roare like Lions in the Forrett, fo beingbrought into great diftreffe, they bray like Afle among the buches. ;Wolferinterpres Some interpret this bracingas a found of Joy, and content, clatnore in bo ia or as a merry fong among thebathes a As if they were glad of cam paoem any