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Chap. 30. An txpeótion upon the Took of J o s. Vert. 7. _ 59 any place of refuge and retirement from the out-cry made a- ltVcrit; qucd gainft them But we find not that word either inScripture, or in poreranc coca irt any good Author, importing joy in what is good, but forrowat 1rr arborer the feelingof what is evil!, efpecially hunger or. cold. That text venire, um 14- named before ( Chap. 6. 5. ) is a cleare proofe of it D th the rirarent : red wild Affe braywhen he loathgrail e ?Implying fully that the wild verbum pr`] Affe brayeth not, but when he is pinched with hunger, or when m urn n''k fomewhat troubles him. A late tranfiacer expreffeth it fully to Mere. that fence, Vnder thebufbes they eryed out as being hurt : and one prpj jing ere of the ancient Greeks renders thus; Among the buffet they wbin'd Íd4,are; 1 a hungry or mournful!ditty. So that Yobs meaning is plainly this, dal el{ vabo They brayed among the bufhes as men hale- ilarved with their psi; pifc, mallows and Juniper roots. They were hard put to it, being 1 xclarnabant grievoufly affli&ed, either with hunger and want of food, or 14i. Jun with bad and unfavoury food. .rLui inter plan- tar ag,efles fe rtabant fameti. Hence note ; cum quiadain. They who doe like beafis, fball feffer like hafts. Symmach: Some men in their profpr pity behave ehemfelves more like beaf#s then men ; They are b.eyflerous, cruel, wanton ; and in their adverliity they vex and rage like benits, and bray like Alles. The Church faid in her great affli&ion, we roar like bears, we mourne fore like doves. ( ¡fa. 59. r r. ) They could doe nothing but lament and bemoane their mifery, yet as they did roar like bears, to Phew the extreamityof their [offerings, fo they did mourne like doves , to Phew the meekneffe and fimplicityof their fpirits under fufferings. The Godly and the wicked fall often in- to the fame fufferings, but they are never thafame in their fuf- ferings. They who refute to beare the yoake of Chrift holyly, cannot beare the crofre ofChrift quietly ; 1 hey who want pari- ence, mull seeds be impatient under their wants. They being a- mong the bufhes ofa perplexed Rate, are fo farte from patience and quietnes, that they are in a continualt toffe and trouble of fpirit; They bray like affes, and rotate like beares, but they know not how to mourne like doves. The Prophet defcribes fuch fuf- feerers, ( Ea. 51.20. ) ThyIons havefainted, they lie at the bead of all thefireets, at a wildbull in a net, they arefull cfthe fury of the Lord, the rebukeofthy God. Paul had learned in every eftate 12 to