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82 Citap.3o. ,dn E.poftion upon tite Book of J o B. Vert: o poverty, fo many of them are farre from the poore, though they dwell at next doore. When our Lord Jefus Cbrift was under an arreff by the Officers bfthe high Pricft,all forfook him and &d even his own difciples run for it.Thcy are rare friends,of whom it may be (aid, as Chriff fpake once to his Difciples (Luke zz.z8.) Tee are they who ¡cavo continued with me in my temptation. As temptation tryeth us, fo it tryeth our friends : Temptation try. eth our faith, patience, and fineerity, and it tryeth their love, compafïion, and charity. Afriend (faith Scisman, pro. 17.17.) l,vethat all times; That is, a friend ought to love at all times, that's the true genius ofa friend ; and a true friend will be ever thus ingenuous,. But Inch a friend is not to be had under every hedge. There are enow that will continue with their friends in their profperity, grcatnes and glory, but will theycontinue with them in their temptations, when nothing but Clouds and dark- neffe are about them ? Howhappy are they who are under the firength and I, fiuences of that promife (tWeb. 13. 5.) I will ne- ver leave thee, norforfake thee. When thy riches are gone, ho- nours gone, friends gone,when all there, andall elfe flee far from thee, et faith God I will not be gone, 14111never leave thee. Friends may flee from thee when riches are fled, but I will never flee from thee when riches are fled. Iwill never leave thee , nor forfake thee ; I will notdoe it in thy loweff, in thy worft Condi- tion. Thrice happyand ever bleffed are they that have an Inte- reff in God as their friend, who is neereft to us when forrows are at hand, and worldly comforters Rand a.farse off. They (faith ) fire farrefromme. And arenotato fpit in myface. The Hebrew is , and withheld notfpittle frommyface. When 74 faith, they ¡pare not to[pit in myface Their not (paring this . part of their misbehaviour imports two things. Firft , That they were very frequent in doing it, or di& it very much., Secondly, That the thing was done in the height of con- tempt. A man may be contem'd beyond all reafon though (pitting in hi&face be fpared, or abated him, but axle mifcreants.. would not fo much as (pare or abate that. Further for the Clearing of this paffage, take two or three opinions, what fhouldbemeant by (pitting in his face s'Tis ve- ry.