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Chap. 30. An e'xpofition upon the Book of Pi B. Vetf. to 83 ry orange (almoft Incredible ) that they fhould arrive at that height of lewdnes and impudence to fpit inhis face ; thewords then may be Confidered three wayes. Firft , In a proper fence, of flriftly ; fo ma of the Latines Interpret them : and it may not be thought Impoffible that wicked men, Satans inflruments, fliould doe fuch a thing, when we Confider how farce lob was given up to the power of Satan, nothing was excepted but his life.And we know that Jefus Chritl himfelfe endured (pitting upon his face literally ; as both the Isrophefie fpake of him (1fa so 6.) He withheld not his face from /battle and fjiitting ; asalto the Hiftory reports ( Mat. z6 Job qua- 07, cf:r 17. 30.) They'pit in hisface. ,ebatur quod Secondly , Others Expound it thus ; They did fpit Contemp- rum ave,fafaie tuoufly before him, or in his fight :So that phrafe (in hisface) futa ír [ativas is rendered ( Dent. 4. 37. ) Becaufe he (that is, the Lord ) I - cora,n eo eijce- ved thyfathers, therefore he chofe their feeei after them,ard brought eeietin pod t n themforth in his fight, or, in hisface. To fpit in the fight ofgreat face,e root au;q perlons, or before their face, is a great Incivility, and (upon the el tit, ¡cdomnt matter) to (pit in their face ; And therefore the Mailers of man to rt rebtia úm tiers and Cout tfhip fay, that in addreffing unto great perlons, too ore diver no man fhould dare fo much as to fpit in their pretence, or when ti m. Bold. - they are before them but turne afide upon fuel) neceffìties of crrw éxercuit nature. Some flick mushupon this Interpretation; as if lob had principes poi thus expreffed himfelfe ; They who had snore manners here ut neq; ¡,7oe`e tofore,and knewwhat belonged to my tlate(being a Magiftrate) mittere c4' e- nowquite forget both thernfclves and me, They have now layd rent< zrnopb: downe or forgotten all refpeft andcivility. .n fua ped;a Thirdly , \Ve may Interpret the words metaphorically; nei- ther for a direft (pitting in lois face, nor in his pretence, but for Pon riour +in- any kinde ofdifgrace and difrefped put upon him, cfpccially; by rie n ccnt;wre- rude and uocomly language. Inwhich fence lob allo complained ns corm d, ;n ( Chap. 16. to,) They have ('mitten me upen the cheeke repraac fleie jafia a. Üt;omr enom fully ; That is, they have (mitten me with reproaches. By a Me. fxdxrn is ra- taphor a man is [mitten upon the cheeke or face, when he is re.. entutn Pit, proached withopprobrious words,and likewife his face is fpit up- ice ;core on , when reproached. So that when lob faith, Theyfpit in ny eunr five + stipe face; It is as if he had more plainly expreffed himfelfe thus ; veibsttu. What need 1 ffand to reckon up particular abafes, they did pr4 defuertes jpare to doe me the greateff Indignity, and to powre -the greats fti falivas etnit- M 2 Con- runt. G4:g: