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84 Chap.3p. An Expofition upon. the Bock! of J o B. Vert. to t 1rm v%detxr Contempt imaginable uponwe, even ,tt ifthey did ¡pit in my very fenri.P Auum face ' words are like the fpittle or foame of an angry mouths fie exponent and when any (hail give a m n ill language openly, or (as we Ma1é iie ino lay ) to his face, it may be Paid they fpit in his face. We read t:f ere fece ( Thut. 25, 9.) in thecafe of the man that would nor take his "fa` deceafed brothers wife; Then 'hall his brçthers wife come unto khdrip-t c' him in the pretence o the Elders, it loo a his wnd 1 on- P ¡ f , ¡hall fhoo from off fpue»d ,: bïs fo_ t, and[pit in hie face. There ismuch debate among Inter- Moth. 5. 2z. preters about this a&ion , and molt conclude, that flue didnot direâly fpic i`ri the titans face, but call his refufall ofher as a great difhonour upon.him. The words following may beexpounded to the fame fence ; And it (hall be faid fo ¡hall it be done unto that man that will not buildup his brotherskaufe : That is, let it be a blot and reproach to him, let hirn be detefted. We ufually fpit at the tight or mention of thofe things which we naufeate árjd deteft. tìgaine .(Numb. iz 14.) when Mofes faith con- si;paeer incre cerning Miriam ; Ifher father had fpit in .herface : theChal- pandoin.repaf dee, Ifher father hadgrievoufiy Chid or re. ire), Chad, proved her, (hauldIhee not be alhamedfeven da es ? The rebukes pfzph' ofparents are a kind offpitting in their,Childrens faces. We have Poch a proverbial) fpeech among us,, when we would deny a thing, charged upon us, with greateft indignation, we fay, ifit can beproved that I have done fo or fo , I will giveyou leave to fpit inmy face; that is, toufe me, or fpeake of me withutmoft difgr.ace. So,that here is the.Complement of all their evill man- ners, the filling upof all their contemptuous Carriages towards 766 ; ifthere were any action or abufe worfe then other, they . did not forbeare to doe ir', even to doe as bad N. to fpit in his face. ,;,t pore,' Some are ofopinion, that .7 b fpake thus with- (peciall.refe, i idadum, & ..pence to Bildad and ZopIar, two ofhis three friends, who in- 2ophaum e- deed had given him very courfe language,and did only not fpit in y ta,rarrpcéf his face But I cannot fubfcribe to that conjeäure, bcaufe the 9t,,é convitiis clzaracater of the perlons 'complained ofby 74 for offering him . p ó(crluc faerae this indignity, is latterly unfutable to thegravity and goodnes of &,anttun non thofe worthy men ; and therefore let it remaine upon that ru- rofsstu dér.crewofthe iII,bread multitude, whole impudenceand igno- ranee might fufltciently prompt them to doe and (peake, againft hi;ta as ill as is imaginable. Theyfpáre nst tofpit.inmyface. Hens;