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chap. 30. An Expofition upon the Booke of Jos. Verf. io. Hence note ;. firft There is ne atfion;fovile and uncivil!, which evil) risen will forbeare when they have an opportunity. They will not (pare to fpit in mans face, in the proper,much leffe in the metaphorical) fence: they who haveno credit of their owne, care little whom they difcredit, or how they difcredit o- thers. As Innocency andgoodnefi, fo honour and greatnes, are no defence againfl an evill tongue ; that will breake and Jiriko through all. `lob, once great and honourable, (till good and innocent, found it fo. Hence Note, Secondly. There it no Indignity fo bap and Ignn2inious, may meet with it in andfrom the world. The belt of men may have the worft reproaches caft upon them ; They may heare themfelves called fooles hypocrites, ti-mefervers, what not ? Howoften have .`tack titles been fpit in - ehe faces of the deareft and molt precious f rvants of God? Therefore Saints had need be inftruc&ed how to paffe thorow evill report, as well as good report. Doe not thinke it rrange to be ditIonour'd. It was the Counfell whichCafar gave tits Souldiers at a Battell Souldiers _tike at their fs.ces. Thu, ma- ny will not (pare faces they fpit upon the honour and reputati- onsofthe righteous. The iL--ord..threñ-ens the drunken Chaldean (Hab. a. i6. ) That ¡hame{uil fpewing ¡hall be upon his 1,;ry, But wicked men will (pit and fpew (tame upon the glory of tl. ^aloft fobcr and, holy men, but a godly man JOB 3*..