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S6 Chap, 3o. fin Expofitlsn upon the Took of Ja a. Verf. r r J O B 30. Verf. a s, a a. Becaufe he path loofedmy cord, and afi5ieel me, they have alfo let loaf." the bridle-before me. Vponmy right hand rife theyouth , they polio away my feet, and they rail up againfi me the wayes of their defirution. N the former part of this Chapter, we have had a large de. fcription of lobs defpifets, or what fort of men they were. A good man is rarely found at any fuch worke, and he never continues at it. Theft mens worke was as bad almoft as is ima- ginable, and themlelves (as appeares by °absreport of them ) were no better. Yet lab doth not flay in them, sor fpend him- felfe inbitter invectives againfi them but having Chewed what they were, he, as heretofore, gathers up his fpirics, and turnes from the creature untoGod, riling higher in his thoughts then any thing in thofe poore defpifers, for the reafon why hewas de- fpifed; lob looked beyond the inftrumentall to the fupreame caufe ofhis fiufferings,evenuntoGod,whobath both the tongues and fpirits of men in his hand, that is, at his command. And therefore he now begins togive us an account how and whence it came to paffe, that fuch vile perlons, men viler then the earth, . trampled on him as theearth, or as the mire in the (treats. And the account which hegives is layd downe in the verle follow- ing. Verf. at. Becaufe be bath loafed my cord and affi l ed me, they have alto let leofe the bridleupon me. As ifhe had fayd, Though Iheart andfie, to my farrow, what theft mifcreants bothfay and doe againfi me, yet I have fearched and found, agreater zrheele in this tonne of my (Aare then they. Men have defpifedme,becaufe Jodhatbalinedme,ycaGod bath thereforeaflitledme, that he might expole we to this tryall, the defpight ofmen.Men have let loofe thebridle upon me,óut god ft,fl loafed my coard ;yea he therefore loafed my cord that men might take an