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with mans deftrucion. the Tormenting inhell an a61. of vindicative jufìce: and therefore both the one and the other are exercifed according to that rule of remuneration and vindication whereunto God path tied himfelf in his word. But to decree the infalliblebringing offorcean els and force men unto eternall glory,and tode- cree the infallible permiffion of others to fall into the defert of damnation, and there- upon to fore-appoint their eternall punifh- ment in hell, is confonant to the juflice of God, and to the dotrine of Predeflination and Reprobation , as~ it is delivered in the Scriptures, explained by S, Augufine and other orthodoxFathers andWriters oflate time andallowed by our Church. Ifany man think that Non election or negative Reprobation implieth, that force men were made tobe tormented in hell for Gods abfolute pleafure, and not for their own finne, he is in a foulerrour. God made ell things for himfelfand for the illufirating of his glory. And he eternally ftW that he could illufrate his glory in mofl excel- lent manner, by making all men capable of falvation, and yet by permitting force men to incurredamnation. This he eternally and abfolutely decreed to do, bypreparing fpe- ciall grace for Tome; and bellowing it upon them in due time he infalliblyworketh their falvation : and thefe onely in Scripture are termed