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with mansdeirutlion. io? It is better andmore eligible tá be in tor tuneor pain for a little time then for a. long time : But Not-being in it felf is neither bonum nor melius , nor eligibile nor eli;ï_ bilius. Menwhokill themfelves, do it out ofan opinion that thereby they íhall attein a lef- fer degree of miferable being ; not out of defire of nobeing. It is alto the abolition of all good, andofthatgood which all crea- tures ftrive to rerein, namely their being. Torment in hell , with the concomitant evils, is thegreatet} evil or mifery that can befall a reafonablecreature : yet it is impro- per to fay, that Not-being is a lighter and lefer evil, fence Nothing is neither lighter nor heavier, neither good nor bad. Ifthis be a good colleaion, it had been S better not onely for the wicked, but for many of Gods faints, to have wanted a Being. The fenfe of the degreeofdiminution, and T the not-fenfe of a totall deprivation, maketh an impatient man rather with the latter then the former : but notwithíianding in judge- ment ofright reafon the totali deprivation may be thegreater evil. That which is made betterthen formerly it was, mutt be bettered by adding fome perfe1ion thereunto which formerly it wanted, or 'by taking fume imperfection from r