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.l 26 Supralapfrians charge not God obfervations prentifed for the more clear underifanding and anfivering this Authours Objections. THe opinion here aimed at is the do; trine of abfolute Reprobation , con- cerning Wca all difputes are frivolous,if it be not fiat agreed upon what is underflood by thefe two words , abfolute Reprobation. Obfrv. For the underftandingwhereof; obferve firff , what our Church conceiveth under the termof Predeflination. Ifa decree of God firft beholding and forefeeing certain particular perfons asbelievingand conflant- y perfevering unto theend in faith andgod - lineffe , and thereupon eleéing them unto eternal! happineffe , thenwe will grant that the Remonflrants ( whom this Authour followeth ) embrace the doctrine of the Church ofEngland. But ifin our XV I Its Article, God in his eternall Predeftination beholdethall men as lying in maff-a corrupta, and decreeth out of this generalitie ofman_ kind, being all in a like damnable condition, toelet forceby his fecret counfel , to deli- ver them from the curie and damnationby a fpeciall calling according to his eternal! pur ofe, , and by working in them faithand perfeverance ; then it is plain that the Re monftrants and this Authour have left the dotzine ofthe Churchof England in the point ofPredeflination, and therefore may well