Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

t31 Supralapfaria,;s charge not God otherwife decree the produ&tion of good aáions, and theperriffionofbadanions to be produced by defeäive agents. Of the former he is a powerfull andeffeuall work- er : Of the latter he is onely a voluntarie fufferer, and a powerfull and irrefiflible or- derer or difpofer. Thus God powerfully wrought Faith, Repentance , Perfeverance in the will of Peter, according to his decree of abfolute Prede.ffinarion : and according to his decree ofnegative Reprobation, he fuffered Judas ro fpiit himfelf voluntarily upon the rocks of Govetoufneffe, Treache.- rie, Infidelitie, Impenitencie, and he turned thofe very finnes to his owngreater glorie. Predeflination is a caufe effeótuall in thepro- ducing of all faluriferous actions ; but Re- probation is no effe6tuall caufe in the pro- ducing of any wicked a&ions : and neither the one nor the other itnplieth compulfion, coaCtion or nece trration to aóions whether good or evil. And this was the effect of the anfwer which Profper made to the Semipe- lagians, when they obje6ted againfl A.ugu- fines do&rine of abfolute Predeflination, as the Remonlirants do now againfl ours. I wonder therefore that this Authour could not fee, that Profper, whom he alledgeth, ltold`th this objection for a mere calumnia- tion. G We acknowledge with Profper; that God