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MEW with mans finne. God puni(heth not thole actions whereof he is theauthou r oretfetuall workingcaufe: for fuck actions are alwayes holy and re- wardable , not malicious and punifhable : But God, who according to the doctrine of Auguftine,Profper,Fulgentius, and all other orthodox Divines of that age , abfolutely out of his own free mercie pre.deflinated fore unto grace and glory,aud as abfolutely out of his own free-will palfed -by others, not-eletingor predeilinating them to failing grace and glory, is notwithaanding denied to be the caufe of any mans finne. There- fore in their judgement abfolute Predefti- nation and Reprobatioa maketh not God the caufeof fume. Ánfivérs to the Arguments inea'eavourinJ to prove that thedefenders o falfolate Pre- defiination and Reprobation make God the authour offinne. To the firft in generall we anfwer, thet our Church in eflabli(hing ab- folute Predeftination and abfolute Non-predeflination , and in rejecing that Election and Non-eleí ion which the Semi- pelagians anciently, and lately forePapifts and fore Proteílants have founded upon the oppofiteads ofmens free-will forefeen by God from all eternitie, doth not tie us to raintcinwhatfoever Pifcator,Marlorate, 13 Macco- 4 133 olds. D