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134 Su4pralapfarians charge not god Maccovius , or any other private Do&our holding abfolute Predeftination and Repro- bationhath uttered. We leave them as well as we do the Remonftrants , where they leave the old way, and ftray into crooked by-paths. More particularly; We grant thedecree ofnegative Reprobation to be abfolute: But we denie that thereupon it will follow, that the damnation of fingular perfons not-ele- ted, or in this fenfe reprobated, is by way of neceffitie and by virtue and efficacie of this decree impofed upon any. A great part of the Angels were under this decree of Non-clelion or negative Reprobation, and yet not one of themby virtue ofthis decree was neceffirated unto damnation, but by an ad of voluntary rebellion fell thereinto. And if by Necefitie this Authour mean- eth nothing but that which the Schoolmen via Colt. term necefsitatem immutabilitatis, then he Hag.Ber- muff know, that the Election andRepro - tii, pag. a e bation of fï ogular pertons fuck as it is ac- knowledged by the Remonftrants, is as cer- tain from ail eternitie, as immutable , and in this fenfe as neceffarie as that which we defend. Lail of all, To inquire whether the de- cree of Reprobation be evitable or inevi- table by men, is a ftrangeyre; fince evi- tabilitie of inevitabilitie is a thing which