Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

136 Supral tpfariares chai rot Cod 'Ad 2. For the fecret decree of abfolute Eledi- r on andNon -election, or (inother terms )of abfolute Predeflination and abfolute nega- tive Reprobation, theyare tobe diftinguifh- ed from the revealed and publifhed decrees of the Salvationof all fingular perfons up- on condition of their faith, repentance and perfeverance, and damnation of all fingu- lar perlons, ifthey continue in unbelief and impenitencie. We acknowledge thefe lat- ter tobe the eternal! and immutable decrees of God, as well as the former; and no man atteineth falvation, or incurreth damnation, but according unto thefe : But we fay the Remontrants erre in confoun=ding thefe conditionate decrees, which make no diflin- ction betwixt Man and man, with theabfo- lute decrees of Election and Preterition, which are diftinguifhing decrees. The de- cree of damnation cannot be jullly executed without mans finne, becaufe God elablifh- ed from all eremiticno decree of damning any manbut for finne. As for the decree of Non-eleéion, it had the fame abfolute dependence upon Gods free pleafure which the oppofire decree of Election had. Ad 3. As the former, fo this argument is .F grounded upon a falle fuppofition, namely, That the decree of damnation is the fed- fame with the decree of Reprobation or Non.eledion9which is onely that ablolure decree