Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

rátl mans finne. decree we now':eakof. The eternall decree of Judas his damnation, or of the very de- vils, was never in voluntate Divin4 with- out the previfion of their fìnnes, nor deter- mined to be executed otherwife then for and upon their own misdeferts. But the Non- elenion or negative Reprobation of Judas and of the apoftaticall angels, or (in plainer terms) the Not-preordaining them to the infallible atteining of eternall happineffe, and the decree of permitting them finally to lofe eternall happineffe by their ownde- ficient, voluntary, finali wicked a&ions, is Inch an eternall abfolute decree of the Di- vine will, as dependeth not upon any fore- feen ads of mans will , though it exclude not the eternall previfion of all future ads of men whatfoever. We grant not there- fore , that by this abfolute Reprobation , God decreeth that men not- predeflinate lliould unavoidably fanne, that fo they may juftly and certainly be damned: but we grant that together with this abfolute Non- eleL`ion, God foreknoweth that perfons not-ele &ed will voluntarily commit thofe fines for which he intendeth to condemn them, and to glorifie himfelf in the mani- feftation of his juftice upon them, and the more clear manifeftation of his mercie to- wards the eleai ., For harfh or falfe propofitions of par-' ticular 137