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AEI 138 SupralapJrians chargenot God ticular authours who difpute about Prede flination and Reprobation, I will not jufli- fie them. Onely I would have this Au- thour confider, whether their errours were a futfcient caule to make him runne into the contrary erroneous dodrine of theRe- rnonarants; who to avoid theabfolute de- cree of Ele&ion and Non - election or Pre- terition thrufl upon the world a decree foundedupon the previfion of mens diflind ads, good or bad, thereupon making God diflinguifh them into Elegy and Non-elecî, or Predeflinated and Not-predeflinated. A mere Semipelagiando rine,grounding Ele- &ion and Reprobation upon the merits or demerits of men as both the orthodox Fa- thers and Semipelagians ufed the words Me- reri or Meritum, when the one contended that Predeflination and negative Reproba- tion were mereads of free Mercie and ab- folute Libertie, preparing for fotne deny- ing to other the infallible means of beati- tude; and the other would make themads of the Divine Juifice,paflìng differentlyup- on both according to the foreleen difference of their future aítions, good or. bad : which the Ancients without fcrupie termed meri- ta anddemerita. The 1mmutabilitie of Gods eternall de- crees is a thing uneluefionable : But that Godbath made any decree of Reprobation whereby Ad 4 G