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Supralap fruns charge not God grace WI' guideth and ateth all Gcids elect.' And notwithflariding,though Godcannot be anAuthour or a producer, much leffe an ilnforcer, in regardof any finfull adion, yet God may bea Decreer,a Determiner,in per- mitting perfons not- eluted to fall volunta- rily into fumes, to continue voluntarily in themunto their lives end, and for them to undergo endleífe mifery inanother life.And this is all which can truly be inferred upon the decreeofabfolute Ele&Ttion and Non-e- leaion.Bonaventure in effe& faith the fame; i6.Tdi(t. f Malurn non_Peltpotentie Pivinxproducen- 46°7"e' S' ti,fubefi tarnenpotentixprevidenti. The comparifons ofa Kingprocuring. the ruineofhisfubjerIs,or ofTiberius caufing vir- gins to be deflowred, thatfo they might beftran- gled, with God abfolutely eking force both to the end and to the effeéuall and in- fallible means of falvation, and abfolutely not- electing others, but decreeing to permit themby their owndefault to fail in 'attein- ing falvation, is as frivolous as odious. For Gods abfolute decree of Non -elutiondoth neither make men.mifèrable nor wicked, but onely ( for ends bell known to himfelf) ab- folutely willeth the permitting of fuch men tobe the caufes both oftheir ownhones and miferies. Neither had Godever an abfolute purpof toput any innocent man to deáth, or to, ¿ámne any finner; but upon the iefpe& unto is foregoing finnc5. 11