Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

with mens finites: 151 ill ,des grant that God is the Authour of Ad Iva mansfalvation and converfion : But theAr- M minian fide flatly denieth that God by the grace prepared for men in their Elefion or Predestination, is the authour or caufe of any mans converfion, faith, perfeverance, or falvation. Nay, they ftiffly maintein thatconverfion,faith and perfeverance to the laft gafp are things forefeen by God in man before any man is elected or predeftinated unto falvation by God. It is therefore clear, that according to the dottrine of the Re- monftrants, Predeftination orEleóion is no caufe of any mans converfion : For anof fe0c forefeen is never caufed by that which followeth after it, but is rather the caufe of that previfon, and of what is confequently done thereupon. TheRenmonftrants may juftly be taxed wth that errour which thisAuthourgoeth- about to fattenupon their adverfaries. For in their opinion God doth no more in procuring the converfion of the elegy then he doth in pro- curing the converfion of the reprobates, whonotwithftanding remain unconverted. For procuring the converfion, faith, per- feverance of Judas , God took order that fufficient means fhould be miniftred unto him , God gave him a power to elicite thead of his converfion and thole other fu- pernaturall ads required unto falvation K 4 though