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7 5 2 slypralap f rions charge not God though God never abfolutely decreed the converfion of Judas, or the making him a faithfull and perfeverant Chriflian. Thus fay the Remonftrants. In like manner (fay they) God adminifired fufficient means of grace unto Peter, God gave him a power to convert, to believe, to perfevere, but God never abfolutely decreed the converting of Peter (or any man elfe) or the faving ofPe- ter; but he left Peters converfion depending upon tke contingent a& of his own free- will ; and upon the forefight of this con- tingent ad God predeflinateth Peter unto falvation. Juft fo he left the converfionof Judas, and upon the felfffame terms he had decreed the falvationand the predeftination ofJudas. But tourge this no further : God doth much more in procuring the falvation ofPeter then hedid for procuring the fal- vation'ofJudas. And as for the procuring and working the impenitency or infidelity ofreprobates, God doth not atall work any vitíous difpofitions or defective and finfull a&ions in fuch men. Wicked habitsor dif- pofitions are difeafes bred within mens own fouls, not inf.ifed into them by the Phyfìcianof our fouls : Wicked and finfull a6tions are the productions of their own corrupted free-will, and not produced by any Divineoperation working in them : for s ©nely in good and, holyactions that God P giveh