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with mens tinnes 1i 153 giveth us both the will and the deed. Yea but (fay they) as God hath abfolutely andan- tecedently without thefore-fight ofany delr- vings refol ved by irreliFtible means to capsre the elet to believe, repent and perfevere, that fo hisdecree of their falvationmay be accom- plijbed; even fo, in the do6trine of thofe that teach abfolute negative Reprobation,God hath of his alone will andpleafrre peremp- torily decreed the damnation and thefinali impenitencie of reprobates, and by unconquera- bleponer, &c. In both this Authour is ut- terly miikaken. For the Elegy -, God bath abfolutely and antecedently without any previfion oftheir merits, gracioufly eleaed andordained themunto eternall life : And this hathever been mainteinedby Catholick Divines againfl Pelagians and Semipelagi- ans, and isat this day the common doctrine both oftheProteflant and Romane Church; though by force few it be gainfaid its both. But for thole words, without'the firelight of their defrvings, if by the name of defer- vin s this Authour underfiandeth repen- tance, faith, perfevering, and fuck fuperna- turall as required to falvation ; we grant it is not onely untrue but anpoffible that. God Ihould decree the falvationofany man without the fore-fight of thofe aas ; be- ca fe in Predeflination the e#fe uali and in- fdllible