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154 Supralaprarianns chargenot God VideMald. fallible producingofall thofe a&s is refolved 4nti, ag upon, and Godcannot but from all eternitie ` fore-feewhat himfelfpath from all eternitie decreed to work. Wedeny not forefight offaith and perfeverance in the Catholick fenfe, that is, as of effects and confequents of the Divine Predeftination or Election ; Videpag. but in the Arminian fenfe, that is, as ofan-; $ss 4 tecedent motives, reafons, caufes or condi- tions forefeen in men, anddrawing after them the decree ofPredeftination. As for thofe terms by irrejiflible means, they aremerely captious. It is fufficient to eflablifh abfolute Predeftination, that fuch means are prepared for thepredeflinate cui :ullum durum cor rc[iflet : whether there be a metaphyficall poffibilitie of reffiance left in them or no, ler thofe difpute who love endleffe wranglings. Vide Maid. Now to come to the Non -elegy : In their .Antil.pag Preteritionor negativeReprobation there is no decree involved ofdamning any man up- on Gods alone will and pleafure, but onely upon the guilt and mifdefert of the perfons, whom the decree of negative Reprobation permitteth ( and that with infallibilitie of the event)toprocure their own condignepu- nilhment. Neither lothGod draw any man an unto finne by an unconquerable power ; but he permitteth forne men by the devil and their own lufts to be drawn from finne to finne, s3.