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r withmots f rats: T 5 5 Winne, till at laft they perifh in their firms 'ofwhom Perditio tua ex to nottvithftanding is moft truly verified. Thedifference there- fore which God in the courfeofhis provi- dence taketh with the Elea and with the Non-elect is as different as poffibly can be imagined. The converfion, perfeverance and falvation of the Elea, he worketh by fuch a fpeciall grace, as in his infinite wif- dome he knoweth will, and out ofhis infi- nite goodneffe and mercy he decreeth fhall work in them all thofe blefi"ed and faving cffeés. As for the finali firmes anddamnation of the Reprobate, theprovidence ofGod per- mitteth them both, whereas he could (as he doth in his Eleét) hinder the one, and prevent_ the other. But as God worketh not their firmes (beingeffects of a finite defi- cient and not ofan infiniteefficient caufe) fo he did never upon mere will and pleafure decree their damnation, as he did the falva- tionof his Elect. And therefore he cannot be called the authour of anymans finne or damnation, though he may truly be flyled the authour of all good graces and actions, as air() offalvation unto all the, Predeflinate. For the Fathers ; It is moft true that they deny a Predeftination unto any finfull ads: And the reafon was that which was even now touched-upon, Becaufe they conceived Pre-