Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

156 Suprslapfarians charge not God Predeftination tobe filch a decree as preps= reth from eternitie and in time infallibly and molt effectually worketh all thofe graces andgracious acts wherebymen are brought toeternall life. So that Predeftination im- plyeth an ef"reäuall production or operati- onofthofe good things which are intended unto the predeftinate. Now becaufe the evil of finne cannot fall under the Divine caufalitie or operation, theFathers granted a prefcìence in Godofall mens finnes,but truly denied a Predefìnationofany mans fins, and as truly a nece/?itation or necefitating decree forcing any man unto fin. But what of all this If there beno decree ofPredellination forcing men unto fin, is there therefore no decree of negative Reprobation or Non- eletion, refolving to permit fome final- ly to finne and eternally to perifh, r Is thereno decree of abfolute Predeftination, not permittingothers out of their own de- fe6iive will finally to continue in finne and perifb, and ab(olutely refolving to draw themout ofthe ftate of finne, andadvance them to the Elate ofglory I conclude, that unleffe this Authour unp der the name of atfoltEte Reprol&ion mean the abfolute judiciary decree ofDamnation, and an abfolute decree ofneceflïtatingmen unto the defects oftheir damnation, he bath Laid nothing at all to evince that abfolute Repro-