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with mens Pmts.; Reprobation maketh God the Authour of finne. If he mean fuck a decree when he lighteth againft abfolute Reprobation , he fightethwith his own fhadow, and oppo- feth that which no judicious Divine will en- deavour to uphold. of the Supralaprarians Difliní`Iioms. PrHis term of Srapralapfarians , which is truly faftened upon fomeProteftant Di- vines,but falfely upon Calvitie, if it defigne all thofe who place the decrees of Eleéion and Reprobation before the Previfion or decree of permitting originali finnei it ta- keth-in Scotus and all his followers, it ta- keth.in a great number of the Romaniils for (ifSuarez fay true) it is themorecom- monopinion amongfl them. This I note to fhew the private fpleen which our Reman- firants carrie againft force Proteftant wri- ters ofgood defers in Gods Church, whom they fouly handle for the felf-fame opini- on which they wink at in the Romanifls. But to come to their Diflindions. The firft Diflindion ofthe Supralapfafri- Dili. I. ans whereby they clear themfelves from making God the true caufe ofmens fznnes though they teach abfolute Eledion and Non -electionor negative Reprobation con- fidered before the fall , is , That Gods de- crees maybe operative or rermifive. This decree 157