Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

'15S Stspralapfrians charge not God decree of Reprobation is not a decree to work any mans finfull ations whereby he incurrethdamnation, but to let them come to paffe by the free operation of his own will. This Diflintion of Gods decrees is not denied ; but it is obje&ed by this Au. thour, That God ffandeth in noneedofmans finne for fettingforthofhi(glorie ; as if t doírine ofthe Supralapfarians concerning abfolute Eleaion and abfolute Non-elefti- on ctr Reprobation made finne foabfolute- ly needful' that Gods glorymull fuffer an eclipfe if finnes be not committed by his ownprocuring and working. But abfolute Reprobation implieth onely , that God knew he could turn the finnes of men and angels ( yea and their damnation) unto his ownglorie ; and that hedecreed fo todo in fome , not out of any neceflitie of fetting. forth his glorie bypermitting orpunifhing their finnes, but out ofhis Free-will deter- mining fo to manifefl his glorie. The glo- rie which eternally and effentially belong- eth unto God, needeth not the creature it fell', much idle then the finne of the crea- ture. Gods glorie had been the fame that it is if man had never been made ; and fo confequently ifhe had never finned , if he had never been condemned unto Hell for finne. Nay further, ifno manhad ever been cleded,fanaified,or laved, Gods glorie is a thing