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172 Supralap farians charge not God fuch ads, or anabfolute impotency unto the oppofite acts, as this Authour and the Remonflrants ordinarily do. Jerem. 13. 23. The Jews are faid to be under the fame impofsibilitie of doing good which/he Black-moor is of making hìs skin white: yet no neceffitationof doing evil adi- ons is thereby implyed. Joan. 12.39. Pra- pterea non poterant credere, &c. and yet ac- a .Adco. cording to Profpers determination, n Non- Gall filer treat. . predeflinatus peritinfrdelitate zoluntariá, non ir ri coatiL Matth. 18. 7. Necef eft ut veniant f andala: and yet the givingoffcandals is not enforced upon any mans will. Remo potefl corrigere quernDeus defpexerit : and yet the Reprobates continue incorreded in their finnes through their owñ voluntaryobflina- cy. Rom.2.5. Thouafter thine hardnelfe and heart that cannot repent: and yet this CANNOT cloth not free the wicked from voluntary impenitency. 2.Pet. 2.14. Having eyes full of adultery and that cannot ceafefrom finne and yet nothing ;hereby is implyed or in-, tended which taketh away the freedome of mans will incommitting finne. The Fathers ufe the famewords, and yet never intending thereby thedeflrudion of free-will, or the Vede neceffitation untoany finfull ad. Auguftine Nisi De fpeakingof a wickedman faith, o Cogenti cu . diTh. §.i.pas, piditati danî voluntate refi f ere non pot efl: yet d (á4, 6-c. he never imagined a neceffitation or co éi- 0Tï