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ig erminirts his i De Tui;i. $ omniapenésDeum æquabili ¿ternitatis lib.Ia nitateconfifiunt. Now to come more particularly to Ar- minius his decrees. Whereas the true de- cree of Election or Predeflination is an Operative Pradicall decree preparing from all eternitie and in time certainly cau- fing grace and glorie in fingular perlons e- leded ; Arminius hath given us Enunciative Datrinall decrees concerning the generali caufes and means of falvation, apperteining prom-ifcuoufly unto all men, whether ele - ed or not elected, conjoyned with an ad of Divine prefcience, which caufethnot Peters Faith, Repentance, Perleverance, Salvati- on, but rather Peters Faith, Repentance and Perfeverancecaufe or draw after them his Predeflination. So that in the whole feries of Arminius his Predeflination there is not one decree tobe found which caufeth infal- libly in any fingular man Jufiification, San- étification or Glorification. r. His firfi decree is very defcCtive, be- caufe it giveth us a predefiinated Media- tour andRedeemer in feparatofgno rationis from the perfonspredeílinated infallibly to participate the benefit of this Mediatourand Redeemer, which is reconciliation and ef- feCtuall grace in this world , and eternall glory hereafter. Fbr as it were an abfurd imagination to conceive that God firfi de- creed