Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

Decrees re etied. 19 creed to make Adams head, and then byan- other decree to make him members fubor- dinate tohis head; fo is it, to frame a parti- cular decree for the Predeftination of Chriff, and then to devife another for the Predeftination of his fubordinate members. 2. His fecond decree is a decree reveal- ed about the manner how many in time muff be brought unto heaven, and not the fecret decree wherein God from all eterni- ty predeftinated thofe whom he pleated unto the infallible obteiníng of the king- dome of heaven: fo that this eternall de- cree, icu yue crediderit G" perfeveraverit falvus erit, might hand true though no man in the world fhould either believe or be faved. But the decree of Election or Pre- deftination doth imply,per modum caufe in- fallibiliter operarntis, the faith, perfeverance and falvation of a number of fngular per- fons known unto God, and cannot be ve- rified otherwife. 3. His third decree bath the fame fault: For God may (in his fenfe ) fuñciently and effehually adminiter the means of grace and falvation unto millions of men who notwithfandingwill never attein falvàtion. But that adminifiration of grace which floweth from the decree of Predeftination never failed to bring thofe particular per, foes unto whom it is mercifully vouch- t3 w fafed,