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20 "Arminius's Decrees rejeaed. fafed, unto the ílate ofglorification. Thefe decrees hitherto concern Cain as well as Abel, and Judas as well as Peter ; and there- foreas yet we fee in themno decree of Ele. &ion. 4. His lait decree is it wherein onely the Divine Predeflinationis formally and effen- tially placed by Arminius : and yet this path ;Is little in it of reali Predeflination or Election as the former. For , Firft it is a decree for the temporali and aduall intro- dulion of certain fingular perfons into the kingdome of glory ; whereas Predeftina- tion is a decree fore-appointing and pre- paring that effeCtuall grace whereby thofe perlons were infallibly brought unto glo- rie. Secondly, this decreeis founded upon the prefcience of mans right ufe of Gods grace : But the decree of Predeftination kMuid. caufeth the right ufe of grace. k Hoc iprum De ¡ln" volle accipere gratiam eft ex pradeftinatione Divisa. This difcourfe concerning Predef}inati- on is neceffary for the true understanding of Reprobation : And it is probable that thole who erre in the one are not free from erreur in the other. ifods