Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

e.tion Bated. Neither Both the decree of Preterition riot up any man render a necefsitie of finning and being damned ; but it permitteth men voluntarily and freely to run into damnable finnes, and through their voluntary impeni- tency to incurre eternall damnation. 2 Non a rro . ad curfus ruentium, nec malignitatem iniquorum; ®fad. Tent. nequecupiditatespeceantiumpredeflinatio Dci eft, 1 °. aut excitavit, aut fua f it, aut impulit, &c. b Nemini Deus correClionis adimit viam, nec b Refp. 1 quenquambonipofsibilitatederpoliat. And Taft of all, abfolute Predeflination, andabfoluteReprobation or Non-election, donot exclude or deny, theeternall intuition of Faithand Perfeverance in the Elea, nor the eternall confideration of Infidelitie and Impenitency in theNon-elea ; but they de-; ny fuch a confederation of good or badaas forefeen in men as caufeth or precedeth the different decrees of God in elcting fome men mercifully unto falvation, and leavingothers through their own default to plunge themfelves into eternal! damnation. If by cafling off men for ever, you mean the eternall exclufion of the damned from the bleffed pretence of God, and their eter- nall tormenting in hell, no fide will deny but this is grounded upon the forefight of their finall continuance in (inne : yet fo, that as the finali continuance of Peter in faith wasnot a caufe, c on.dition or motive fore- feen