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Of The Leen, and fo determining the Divine will to eleét him ; but the Divinc Election was the caufe which afterwards produced in him that forefeen faith. So the forefeen finali continuance of Judas in finne and infi- delitie was not it whichdetermined the Di- vine will topafl'e-byhim inhis decreeofele- ting fingular perfons unto the infallible at- teinment ofeternall life ;but being thus paf- fed-by,God forefeeth that through the vo- luntary obilinacy of hisown will ( not by anyneceffitating violence ofGods decree)he will live and die in finne and impenitency, and for his voluntary finne and impenitency deferve and undergo eternall torments. E Thofe who in ordering the eternall De- crees, place Predeflinationand negative Re- probation before the confederation of the fall, are not fewfor number, nor menofany Labs, late fed. C Scotus with the whole army izbt.41° of Scotifis, the greater number of late di¡t. 19. School- Divines, are of this opinion : And Suarez by name ; whofe words are thefe, d I 3 d Probabilioremexifirno communcm fenterlti- dafp. 5` am Theolo drum aJrentium electionem homi- 1.103. num pnede.Winatorum anrecefsiffeperrnifiionem on '<inalis peccati. As for Calvine,he never troubled himfelf with thefe imaginary Priorities and Pofle- riorities in the eternall immanent operations ofGod : but all that he aimed at was to prove