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efion i ated. 2.7 prove , That the fall forefeen could not be caufe ormotive unto God of force mens Elation and others Reprobation. As for the intuition or Divine confideration of all mankind in flats lapf , Calvitie in plain terms avoucheth it ; e Pofquant Paulus, Deurn ex perdita map eligere r reprobare quos illi vifiem eft, docuit, ware & quomodo id at adeó non expedit, :st potiús expave- f ens, &c. And this Prefuppofition of finne confi- dered in perlons whether eleaed or not elec±ed, whether tobe favedor tobe dam- ned, is moft convenient for helping our un- derftanding in thisdeep myflery. But ifany fhall therebyconceive that the eternall \To- litions or Intuitions of God have any reall pofterioritie or prioritie in the Divine will and underftanding,he deceiveth himfelf,and troubleth others withvain jangling. Vti. fit«i7. zee litas diflinguendi hec infiantia rationis valant. p. nor; 2.5o, C De æter- na Dei Priede(t. eft, ut ille modrm intelligendi retineatur, fed ut viam aperiat veritati, qux aperta relingreatur. God did eternally decree toglorifie him- felfin the falvation of forte and damnation ofothers which the event dothplainly de- monflrate : But for thofe in whofe faivation he decreed to glorifie his Mercy,he worketh in them the meansof their falvation, faith, repentance, perfeverance in faith andgodli neífe, by an influx ofgrace into their fouls, by