Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

23 Of The by a powerful' yet hot violent, by a mof Tweet and yet moff infallible guidance of their wills ; in and over which God hath a more predominant power then themfelves. As/for thole in whofe damnation Godglo- rifxeth his Sovereigntieand Juffice, he doth it not by an influxofmalice into their fouls, nor by unavoydable wreftingof their wills unto any particular finne ; but leaveth all finfull defetive a&ions to their own fi full defeäfive wills, which wanting the fpeciall grace and effeduall guidance proceeding from Divine Predeffination, never fail to run themfelves willingly and wittinglyup- on their own damnation. The means whereby men, are brought unto falvation, are reali effects of the Divine Eleófion wrought by Gods Spirit ; as the light and heat ofthe air is by the fun: But themeans whereby men are carried to their damnati- on, grow from themfelves ; as coldnefíeand darkneffe ofthe air isfrom it fell. As for thole whom you term sublaprari- ass, you fhould have taken notice, that in this number you muff put all who imbrace S. Auguftines doctrine, and who have' fubfcribed to the xv Article of ' our Church. Now thefe do as well oppofe themfelves againf the conditionate Ele6ion and Preter.ition, built upon the forefight ofmens good or badads, lately brought in by