Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

decree cleared. 3 fbate habere dicitur, quadfi vult facit , f non volt non fait. Now for the aasofbelieving, repenting, and atteining unto falvation , we fay not that there arefirmly impoftgble, or that the decree of God leaveth a neceffitie of peri- Ting upon the non-eleé. Ferditio tua ex te, is as true in their Doarine which maintein Abfolure and oppofe Conditional) Prede- ílination and Reprobation, as in the Decree of the Remonftranrs. The Remonftrants grant aneternal! Pre- fcience ofmany mens infidelitie and impe- nitencie, and thereupon an eternal! immu- table decree of their damnation : and yet they hold (and that truly) that thereby no neceffitie of infidelitie or impenitencie, no impoffibilitie of believing or repenting is laid upon men. They muff give us leave to faythe ffmne ofPrede(lination, until' they can demonfirate how this doth more in- fringe the libertie of-mans will then the o- ther. If we refpeéi that neceffitie which is called Necefsitas Infallibilitatis, Anfelmus maketh it alike inboth : b Neceffé eftfieri qua b De cap. præfciuntur 6 clueprædeflinantur. Ifwecall c".c.2. that an impofíible aâor event which cannot {land in fenfu campofito when the contrary is prefuppofed, the Divineprefcience maketh believing, repenting and being Paved as im- poI ble unto Cain,Judas, or anyperfon re- C 3 probated