Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

'38 The c,ídbflute \ probated upon prefcience, as when theyare reprobated upon Gods mere will. But the truth is, neither the one nor the other can hand eventuçontraria; and yet both the one and the other do (landFur, pofsibilitate ad eventum contrarium. Conditionall decrees of Salvation and Damnation have been publifhed in the Go- fpel, and are acknowledged by all Divines but conditionall Decrees ofeternall Prede- flination and Preterition are' not found in Scripture, nor allowedofby the Churchof England. Every man knoweth where to find thefe conditiónall decrees, Ifany man believe and repent, he (hall be faved ; Ifany man continue in infidelitie and impenitemie, he fhall be damned : But it will be hard for any Rernonflrant to fhew thefe other, Ifany man believe , he Jhall be predeflinated ; If he believe not, helhall not be predeflinated. Faith isa temporall effe&produced in thole which wereelec`led from eternitie, not a forefeen condition drawingafter it Godseternall E- .letion. And infidelitie and finall imeni- tencie are faults voluntarily proceeding out of the wicked hearts ofmen eternally re- probated, not preceding the eternal' aft of Reprobation but the temporali aft oftheir vide judiciall Condemnation. As for the Fa- De bono thers which grounded Predeflínation up- pureier. cols. on Prefcience , they underftood c a pra- &icall