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decree cleared. &}icall Divine prefcience , not a bare fpe- culative. NoDivine that acknowledgeth theOm- nifcience ofGod and hisetérnall Prelcience ofall future actions and events, will dense, that God in the fame eternitie wherein he ele&ed force and pafi'ed-by others, forefaw both what the one and what the other would do , and what contrary ends they wouldcome unto. But the queftion is nor, Whether God from all eternitie had fuch a forefight,but,Whether thedifferentadions of men forefeencaufed thedifferent decrees of their EleL`lion and Preterition. As for their different ends, namely, that the one atteineth falvation after this life,and the o- ther undergo eternall damnation , this we confeffe to followupon their contrary acti- ons ofBelieving, Repenting, and Not-be- lieving, Not-repenting. Neither were they otherwife byany etérnall decree appointed unto.damnation, then with refped unto the juft defert of their finne. It is truly faid byCalvin; d Reprobi fuo deliólomorti devo- ti funt ; non pereunt nifi qui digni flint. & Zanchius, e Peccatum non efl caufa rejec1ionis, fed ell caul dansnationis. For the phrafe, Prade/linati ad interitum ; it is manifefl that Auguiline and his follow- ers applied it unto all fuch as were notpr.e- deflinari adglariam: though the word Plec i C 4 was 39 d In z. ad Tlleff.cáp,z. eDeXatcs- rfiaDei,1.54