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40 The Á6flute f.TYrdeAug. was never ufed by them in that fence F °:8 .4.in That which Auguftinedenied was a Pre- jvan..1rDe civit.t.IS- def}ination of reprobates unto finne : But . En- as for their Predeitinat.ion unto the just pu- chap. `. t o namely death and in al. niihment oftheir hones, nat =3. deflru ion, Augulline, Prolpei.g, Fulgenti- ñ7de d us h were never afraid to acknowledge it. 'cap,GQu. As for Hincmarus his fanfie , that the 7cí7. 19. objet book called Hypognofticon or Ilypomneficon, cent, was written by S. Auguaine himfelf, and ,ern Q,ar. that in the fixth book thereof he retracted gt'ii'ïde Frtl- what before he delivered concerning pride_ l r.c. flinati ad intcrituim is falte and frivolous , ?.:4-6r I8. and fuflicïentlyconfutedbyRemigius. Yet we willingly grant, that in the mofi (hid and proper fence the word Predeftination doth onely reipeet the good fupernaturall qualities and as which God worketh in men eleâed , and the fupernaturail bleffed end whereunto he bringeth them by the forefaid means. And the reafon hereof is, gtairaö i becaufe ! Dcßination is the direction of °13417t*I. a thing unto fuck a (cope as by its own Strength and nature it could never move un- to. Thus the arrow is deltinated unto the 'mark, whereunto of it felf it could never move. Nowmen are too ready to move in the wayofwickedneffe, and to carrie them- felves unto deflru6i0n : and therefore as God cannot predeftinate menunto finne, fo he doth not properly predeftinate them un- t® ;f