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decree cleared. to their damnation ( for then he fhouldbe a working caufe thereof) but he preordina- teth their juft damnation as a recompenfe of their finne and rebellion k. So that if by kvideFul4 Predeftinating ad interitum we underfland gent. ad Monìrn.l xM the caufing and effetuall working of any x7.Bed..l. mans deftrudion, God cannot be Paidpræ- =.quart deffinare ad ir4eritum : But if we onely un- 13 derfland the preordaining of thofe to da- mnationwhomGod forefaw deferving and working the fame,, we neither think nor (peak otherwife then the orthodox Fathers did. It is fill the conffant Dotrineof thofe that teach abfolute Predeflination and Re- probation , That neither perlonselected lie under a necejsitating decreeof doing well and being faved , nor perlonsnot-eleted under a necefsitating decree of doing ill and being damned, The eternall decrees ofGods will take not away the libertie of mans will; and therefore the Pagan objections were Paganifh. The eternall decree of lavingor damning men is conjoyned with an eternall forefight of the obedience of men faved, and difobe- dienceof men to be dunned ; but with this difference : The forefeet] good adions of the elect were neither antecedent conditi- ons movingGod to eled them, nor merito- rious caufes oftheir falvation: but the fore leen