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7 iie ,fibfolute be treated upon indue placeand time. That which was denied them, was their prepofte- rous demand of fetting Reprobation be- fore Ele6ion; whereas Reprobation,being thenegativeadof Election, cannot be well Rated , ordered or underftood, ifmen will needs begin at the wrong end. It is true that the dottrine of Reproba- tion was the chiefcuufe ofuprores on the Re- monftrant party: But the doctrineof Con- ditional) Predeftination, whereby theyen- deavoured to fet the rotten Dagon ofmans Free-will before and above the Ark of ' Gods fpeciall predeftinating Grace , was it whichchiefly offended both the orth-c?ox miniflers & people in the BelgickChurches. And if any were ever bound in jufticeand duty to purge themfelves from crimina- tion,itlay thenupon the Remonftrants, who werecited unto the Synod by publick Au. thoritie,fo to do; and not upon the Synod, to fubmit themfelves unto the wilfulneffe ofthofewho appeared there as delinquents. Ifhere in our Church of England theNon- conformitants fummoned to lay down their own opinions concerning their Pres- byteriall Parity together with their proofs and arguments, fhould refufe to do it , and fliffly fiand upon it that they will first op- pofe the Epifcopall authoritie, which bath given all the offenfe, and hear what the Bi- fhops