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decree cleared. chops can fay for themfelves , it would be deemed an infolent part, and not fo long to- lerated as it was by the Synod ofDort. And yet this was j ufl thecafe and behavi- our of the Remonfirants : which this Au- thour dothnot onely endeavour to juflifie, but to calf an afperfion upon the Synod for not obeying thofe who in fuch acafe owed obedience unto them. Andyet that it may further appear how fearfull the Remonftrants were ofclearly and plainly opening their own tenents at that time; When by reafon of theiroblii- nacy the Synod was refolved to difmiffe them, and yet defired withall to know their dotrint concerning the controverfed articles, it was asked of them feverally, whether they now acknowledged for their doérine that which formerly theyhad fet down inCollatiane Hagienfi, and fince pub- lifhed in print unto the world; not one of the fourteen could be drawn to fay in plain and expreffe terms, that he either held that dotrine for true , or that heheld it nor, If Unwillingnef1 therefore to come to open tryall be a figne of falle dottrine, you had frnall reafon to become a Re- monfirant. The queflionwas not, Whether the con- troverfie of Reprobation were to be treat- ed upon or no, but, Whether the Remon- D 3 firants 53