Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

54 The Abfolute ftrancs were to prefcribe the Synod their order and proceeding, or the Synod them. And then the Remonfirants deviled ano= Cher fhift toput off thedeclaring and open_ in,g their own dotrine;and that was, That unleffe they might be promifed beforehand a Ari sr. a liberty aeo modo caulm ftam proponendi Dordrecht. explicandi & defendendi, prout ipf necefari_ Sef. 41. um judicarent, they refufed any farther to proceed in layingdown their opinions. If the Synod had been fo foolifh as to make the Remonftrauts the moderatours, in all likelihood they had fat there till this day, perchance to their lives end , and yet never have brought one controverfie toan end. If this Authour had been truly inform7 ed how the Remonftrants carried them- felves in fuppreffing their own opinions,and onely aiming at the exagitating of other mens, he would have fotborn his cxcurfi- on into this common place. But it fhould feem hewas more willing to believe what he defired fhoiild be true, then to enquire what indeed was true. If Striving to lie clofe be a probrable argu- ment of abad caul, thofe who are afraid to deal with the more lightfome part of this controverte , which concerneth Election and Predeftination, and thruft thennfelves, without borrowing any light from this, into the other `which taken by it felf is mucl