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decree cleared. much more dark And obfcure, ) are the men who ftrive to wrap themfelves andothers in an obfcure and dark cloud. Our Church of England was more willing and, defirous to fet down expreffely the doctrine of ab- folute Predeftinatìon, I mean of Predefti- nation caufing faith andperfeverance, then it was of abfolute negative Reprobation, I mean of fuch Reprobation as implyeth In God a will ofpermitting feme mens final/ impietie and impenitencie, and ofjuftly or- daining them unto puniílment for the fame: And yet the latter doth plainly followup- pon,the truthof the former. It was wif Borne,& not yervifb or Turkifb fear , which made our Church fo clear in the Article for abfolute Predeflin,ation,and yet fo referved in the other ; eafily perceiving that Prede- ftination of forre men cannot be affirmed, but Non-predeftination or Preterition or negative Reprobation (call it asyou pleafe) offame others muff needs therewith be un- derftoods Though Truth be belt uncovered, yet all truths arenot of the fuzee nature , nor a- like profitable to be debated upon : Yet for the truth of abfolute Reprobation, fo farce forth as it is connexed and conjoyned with abfolute Predeftination; when the main in- tent of the Remonftrants is by oppofingof the former to overthrow the latter, it im- D 4 liorteth 55'