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decree questioned. and ptetie ( whole judgement he fo fettcth down as that he declareth it to be bisown ) he faith, that they think it were no blemijh for the ( C ), Reformed Doftoíßrs to revife their doctrines, and to rebate the rigour of certain fpeculative opi- nions ( for fo he is pleafed to call them ) efpecially touching the eternal! decrees of God : wherein force of their chiefau- thourshave run into fuchan extreme to all «omifh doctrine, as to have exceedingly fcandalkedall other ,Churches with- all, yea and manyoftheirown to re(i very ill fatisfied. At the clofing up of the Conference at Mompelgart, * when Frederick Earl of Wortenberg exhortedhis Divines * coU.Momp toacknovulkdge Bezaand his company for brethren, and to p.566,567. declare it iY giving them their hand they utter! refufed oTanfd. xz,R, Paying theywouldpray toGod taopen their eyes, and would Io4e.f e4t, do them anyoffice of humanitie and charitie, but theywould z6. not give them the right hand of brotherhood, becaufe they wereproved to be guiltie errorum teterrimorum, of moft pe- í}ilent errours, amongwhich this they reckoned for one. Hemingius left his own fide, and jgyned with us in the point of the Sacrament : but he would comeno nearer pain- reining alwayes a diflance in this. And as for theGrecians, we learn alto by Sir Edwine San- dys his Relation, * that they do mightily difrent from that *Pag. 237. dot rive touching the eternall counfelsof God which Calvine (as Tome conceive) firft (D) fully revealed or rather intro- duced into the Chriltian world, and¡lace . one of fhis friends and followers have feconded, as thinking it very injurious to thegoodneffeof God, and dire5tly andimmediately oppofite to his very nature. In regard ofwhich one of their Bifhops bath written a book agaiaft it, which bath been feat to Ge- neva, and there received. It is a morfell which the greateft part of Chriflian Churches cannot fwallow : and therefore (I think) it fhou!d not very eafily without fufpiciondownwith us. And to fay one thing more 5 Befides this infamie of it among Chriffians, it is very probable, that among the too many fcandals given to the Jews by Chri[Rians, among whom they dwell, this doarine isnot oneof the leafs rubs in the wayof their converfon. *For they think it a (S)badopi- * Pag213, nion (faiththe fame judicious & learnedGentleman) which 124. force of great name have feemed to bold, That God in his everlaßing and abfolute pleafurefhould affet7 the extreme aiferyofany ofhis creatures for thefhcwing ofhis jafliceand feveriti.e 57