Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

The A[lute feverity in \tormenting them, or that thecalamity, calling away and damnation ofTome fbould abfolutely andnecef a- rily redound more to his glory then the felicity of them all ; eonfiderîng that his nature is mere goodnefe and happinefle, and bath no affinitie with rigour or mifery. This is my third reafon. Anfiver. VHereas Ahgo about to make men this beliuteve our thät eth there Beth a common infamy upon the opinion of the Supralapfarians;if that which he calleth the Supralapfarians, upper way be onely that way which conceiveth the decre s ofPredeftina- tion & Preterition in order ofprioritieante- cedent' to the Permiffion of finne, & there- fore muchmore to the Previfion, it is fo farre frombeingodious to the Romanif1sas that it is an opinion commonly received amongfl them, as before hath been (hewed. But if he bring this under the name of the supralapfarian Dotfrine, That any men are ordained unto damnation without all con- fiderationoffinne, this is a calumnie oftheir .Adverfaries, not an infamie flicking to the opinion it fell. And indeed it is impoffìble, that God, whoby his infinite knowledge feeth not one thingafter another as wee, but all things together by one infinite and eternal! ad , Mould predeflinate or repro- bate without previfion or confideration of fìnne. That onely which is mainteined by the judicious in the upper way, is this,That original!