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decree cleared. originall finite though eternally forefeen by God, yet neither was nor could be the caule why Peter was predeflinated andJu- das not ; feeing it was forefeen in both a- like, and made them both ex zeirto reproba- biles : Which fheweth that it was Gods free pleafure to make a difference by Ele6ion and Not-eleaion, where therewas no fore- feen difference in regard of originall cor- ruption. So like wifefor atuall finnes, as Infideli- rie, Irnpenitencie, and the like, and for all good ads , as Repenting, Believing , Perfe- vering ; no man can truly fay that God eledeth forre men and paffethby others without the eternali cognition or confide- ration of there future a&ions. This were either tomake God ignorant, or difcurfìve, confiidering firfl one thing, then another as we our felves do. But the confederation of good or bad aCtions which is denied in the point of Ele- äion and Non - election , is filch a confide- ration as procureth and draweth after it the diflindoppofite decrees ofElehion or ne- gative Reprobation. As for the introduction of force men into the kingdome of heaven, and the ab- jeaionof others into the torments of hell; it is willingly granted, that theholy and good aas of the one are foreappointed 4nd 59