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44 Ths Aefolute eVidcCra - vers learnedwriters e of our Church hath kanthorp. been fufliciently cleared from`thefefalfe and Defenfe Angl. c. 35. malicious calumniations. c Bifbopof Jacobus .4ndre.e is no competent judge Eli bus over . Beza his antagonift : and if he were, 7wefenfe of the ortho- yet we deny, that the rejeeting of conditio- dox faith, nate Predeftination is to be reckoned p,za. amongft his errours. They are groffely deceived who think' fVide Car- Calvine was the firft that defended Abfo- thufianum, lute Predeftination and Reprobation, and in i sent who oppofed Conditionate Predeffination difp. 549.4& and Reprobationgrounded upon the prefci- Valentia- ence ofthe good and bad as ofthe Elea difp.i.num,tom.i qu. 5 and Non-elet. Auguftíne, Profper, Ful-; 23. De re- gentius,all who oppofed the Semipelagt ns, prob.punct. were of this mind : And amongft the Pa- 3. ubi agnojcit ills themfelves F the fanfie of conditi- p multos onall, Predeftination. and Reprobation is fchola(ticos commonly rejeied. Any man who un- idem fen- tire cum derffandeth that God out ofhis own free- Calvino. will and fpeciall mercy hath elected fouie Vede Su Yep. ()pure. unto the infalliblemeans and blelfed end of t. zPag eternall life,may as eafily conceive that out 74 `. ofhis own free-will he hath denyed the faid Ex nofric, Paul. Fer. fpeciall mercy unto forceothers, and fo per- schol.orth mitted them to fail in the attainment of c.z8. &Fr. white, De- eternal! life : For ifthat g be true (which all fenfeofthe orthodoxDivines are agreedupon) that both Orthodox themateriali and formali number of-men e- way;p.z3 i. g Penott. iced,or (as other term it) the nlsmerus Ou- t 393. mares