Davenant - Houston-Packer Collection BT810 .D38 1641

decree cleared. rrserans and numerus numerates, is eternally defigned according to Gods own good plea- fure, it muff needs be acknowledged, that i codemfigno rationis there is a number allo of mennot elected, who are left out in this gracious defignation. Suarez giveth a fa- tisfactory reafon why there can be no cru- eltie or injuflice in this negative Reproba- tion, h uia &ec non-eleclio non eTt poena, h®pufc.t.2 fed es` folu'rn qu edam negatiogratuiti beneicii Pal °175' quod Deus ut fupremus Dominus negare potel& Thismay well, beeffeemed a bad opinion But non-pr.edefinatio,, nonLeletlio, or nega- tiva reprobatio importethno fuck thing; as is evident in angelis non-el Wis. It is one thing to affect the extreme milry ofhis Creature for the end of*wing his )u® fiice in tormenting it ; another, for God to i fuffer fome of his Creatures through á Pen. pg.. their own default ro fall into extreme 39$ mifery, to refolve noti to free them, and to decrate their juff punifhment. And ifanyone will go about tobind God to pre- pare eff`tuall grace for all men we an- fwer, It is lawfull for God to do as he lifl- eth with his own. And it is ufuall with God to difpence afwell fupernaturall as natural' benefits according to his own abfo- lute will and free pleafttre. IfGod fhould necefïitate any mans finali itnpenitcncy, that E fo