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1Viattll.s.I6., :.Pet.a.I z. §.Set7.5:: HowSaran dealctbtritb profe.rsofre- áioF1. $2, O fS4tanfftratiagems. led withmany corruptions, and therefore cannot abide the examination ofGods exaet iuflice, till their iinperfeaaons be couercd by Chrifls righteoufnefl'e, and their corruption. wafhedaway withhis moll precious blood ; now Chri:i and his merits cannot by any other meanes be applied untovs, butby the hand ofa liuely faith. Laflly, ifall outworks and henefl dealingbe not done in zeale ofGods glorie, & referred to this end that Gods name may be magnified,they arenot acceptable beforeGod for, the caufewhy he wouldhaue our light Thine. before men,is, that he our heauenly father may be glorified,as it is Matth and the maine end wherefore wee fhould haueour con- ueríàtion honefl amotigfl the Gentiles and vnbcleerrers, that they which fpeake euiil ofvs, as ofeuill doers, may, by our goodworks which they thall fee,glorifie.God in the day oftheir vifitation,as it is I.Pet.z.I 2. . And therefore-let notSatari deceiuevs; inperfWading vs to refl inciuill honeflie ; for ifit be feuered from true pictie, from fauing knowledge,frorn fncere loue ofGod,iuflifying faith, and azeale. ofGods glorie, it will not bee acceptable in his ,fight; as proceeding from the loue ofour felues, and other carnall refpe6, namely to obtaine. praife or profit thereby. And thus Satan dealethwithdullworldlings.But ifthofe whichhe incountreth be profeffors of religion, then he fee- k:eth toperfwade them, that ifthey outwardlyperforme the duties ofpiety,as thehearingofGods word,the publikeand private callingvponGods naine, the frequent receivingof the Sacraments; ifthey attaine to the knowledge and"pro- feflìon ofreligion,andcan tip their tongues with godlinefle; then they may liue how they lift ainongfl their brethren, negle6 ing all the duties of the fecond table, fo theyout- wardly obferue the firfl; for though theybe barren ofgood works,'deflitute ofcharitie,filled with pride,addi6led.toco- uetoufi-ieffe, oppreffron, and all deceitfull dealing; yet they !hall bee iuflifiedby their faith, and approoued ofGod for their outward profefl?on fake. But let fuck men know that : this ofSatan,to caufe. vs to fall into his r